Welcome to the BioResource's website

We are a broker and sales agent for manufacturers of organic foods, environmental lifestyle products, health and nutritional products as well as natural cosmetics.

We represent national and international brands in the Canadian natural products marketplace in all classes of trade.

In short, BioResource is a sales and marketing resource centre. We have expertise in the following areas:
reddiamond2.gif (86 bytes)nutritional foods
reddiamond2.gif (86 bytes)nutritional supplements
reddiamond2.gif (86 bytes)homeopathics
reddiamond2.gif (86 bytes)medicinal products
reddiamond2.gif (86 bytes)body care products
reddiamond2.gif (86 bytes)organics
reddiamond2.gif (86 bytes)environmental lifestyle products


We're in constant contact with manufacturers, distributors and retailers serving these markets, in both eastern and western Canada. We can supply everything from basic advice on the market to detailed information about products we represent and how they can be successful in the retail marketplace.

Brokering is a service business, and our success depends on representing our suppliers effectively by servicing the retailers to the best of our ability. Our goal is to facilitate the movement of products from the manufacturer to the consumer.

BioResource was founded in 1994. We've produced great results for our clients - so we've grown and expanded steadily since then.